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Drum Gator(TM)

Drum Gator is a unique noise gate and envelope shaper designed specifically for drums and percussion. It is available for Windows platforms in VST (32 bit 64 bit) and AAX formats and Mac OSX in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Drum Gator


What’s wrong with noise gates?

Traditional noise gates are triggered when the signal level reaches a threshold set by the user. Gates triggered in this way may chop off the initial onset of the drum hit, creating noticeable artifacts. These artifacts vary depending on the intensity of each drum beat. Also, in order to make sure that all drum hits are allowed through the gate, the user may be tempted to lower the threshold. This can have the side effect of allowing unwanted signals through the gate. The result is a tradeoff, with some drum hits gated out while some unwanted signals are passed through.

What’s different about Drum Gator?

Drum Gator does not suffer from the issues experienced with traditional noise gates. It uses a transient detection algorithm combined with spectral analysis to provide an almost uncanny ability to remove only the unwanted drum hits while preserving other program material. It can also do things that are not possible with any other noise gate, opening up creative possibilities that were previously unavailable.

Accurate beat detection

Drum Gator is triggered by a transient detection algorithm which monitors the rate of increase in the initial onset of the drum hit. This algorithm makes Drum Gator much less susceptible to the varying intensities of individual drum hits than conventional gates. It can accurately detect the initial onset of a drum hit resulting in a much more natural sound as the gate opens.

Frequency selective operation

Drum Gator categorizes individual drum hits based on their spectral (frequency) content and provides a separate level control for each category. For example, you can reduce the snare drum "bleed" from a kick drum track or remove it completely by setting its level control to zero. Drum Gator doesn’t depend on the snare drum bleeding through at a lower level than the kick drum in order to remove it. If the signal bleeding through matches the spectral content of the snare drum, it can be removed regardless of its level. This approach is superior to the side chain tuning used by conventional gates and virtually eliminates false triggers.

Transient and envelope shaping

Enhance or soften transients. Soften the hi-hat while simultaneously adding "snap" to the kick drum. Remove the excess reverb from the tail of the snare. Drum Gator can easily do all these things and more.

Creative Control

The "Closed" control allows you to control the amount of signal passed through when no transients are present, allowing for transient softening as well as "reverse gating" effects. The "Floor" control functions much like the "Range" control of conventional gates, allowing you to add some dry signal back into the mix.

Learning Mode

There’s an almost infinite variety of drum and percussion sounds out there, and each instrument has unique spectral characteristics. You can easily train Drum Gator to recognize and process the unique spectral characteristics of your program material. You are not limited to built-in spectral filters.

Try Drum Gator for free

Drum Gator version 1.0.5 has been superseded by Drum Gator II is no longer available for purchase. You may still download it for evaluation purposes or if you already have a license and you need to re-install.

Drum Gator will output 5 seconds of silence every 30 seconds when running in trial mode.

Drum Gator II is available for Windows and will be available for Mac OS soon. Users who purchasd Drum Gator prior to August 1, 2022 are eligible for a free upgrade. Leave a message on the contact page if you would like an upgrade.


Mac OS X (10.7 or Greater)